Payment method

We accept all kinds of Cash, Digital and Electronic payment solutions or simply pay with a QR code in the car.

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The taxi center is permanently manned, day and night. The dispatcher also informs you of the waiting time. During peak hours, the experience of the dispatcher plays a major role. He will then communicate an estimated time, for example from 15 to 20 minutes. Keep in mind that the taxi can always be there earlier.

Driving a taxi is cheaper than you think because the average price for a city ride is about €10. For further destinations we use fixed rates so that you will not be faced with a surprise at the end of the ride.

Always ask the dispatcher for the fixed price and you will get to your destination at a favorable rate.

Our drivers are among the best trained in the country, they are constantly reminded of the importance of service and customer friendliness.


Prices for departure from a stand are determined by the city of Ghent, more information about the rates can be found on the website of the Mobility service of the City of Ghent.

For all other routes, the price is determined as follows:

Start on day (incl 2km) €15.00 €35.00 €18.50 €10.00
Night Rate
22h - 6h
€3.00 €3.50 €3.50 €3.00
Price/km €3.00 €3.50 €3.50 €4.20
Price/km rush hour
6h - 9h & 15h - 19h
€3.50 €4.50 €3.80
Weekend Rate
fr 19h - mo 6h
€3.50 €4.50 €3.80
Hourly Rate
from 2 min
€60/h €60/h €65/h €65/h