Taxi Regulations

These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and services of the SNL BV, with registered office at Bevrijdingslaan 29/A, 9000 Gent and with company number 0691.589.511) (hereinafter: Taxi4You), unless expressly agreed otherwise and with the exclusion of the terms and conditions of the contracting partner. Taxi4You focuses on paid passenger transport.

A co-contractor is considered to be anyone who has a contractual relationship with Taxi4You (hereinafter: Client). Taxi4You performs services on behalf of companies (hereinafter: Company(s)) as well as on behalf of natural persons acting for purposes unrelated to any professional or commercial activity (hereinafter: consumer(s).

Registered letters should always be sent to Taxi4You at the above address. Other written communications should be sent to the email address of Taxi4You (

1. Orders and assignments

Rides can be ordered by phone, by email, through an online ordering process (remote order), or by raising your hand. The prices that are used, if necessary, were determined by Taxi4You itself. These prices are always posted in the vehicle. When using a taxi, the Customer expressly agrees to these rates.

A ride can also be ordered at a taxi stand, as determined by the government. The rates of such a journey, departing from a taxi stand, are determined by the municipality/city of the place where this journey was started.

Prices always depend on external factors, so that the price of a particular ride at that particular time cannot be applied to another ride or the same ride at another time. If a discount is granted, this discount is deemed to have been granted only once, unless stated otherwise. All péage or toll is always to be paid extra by the Customer, unless stated otherwise in the offer, reservation or transport document.

With a remote order, the control center of Taxi4You will communicate the waiting time, ie the time until the taxi can pick up the passenger. This waiting time is indicative and only an estimate. The taxi can therefore always be a little later, but also a little earlier. The Customer must take this into account.

2. Customer Responsibility

The Customer is responsible for the correct entry and communication of all data such as:

The Customer is also responsible for the easy accessibility of the place of collection. Any delay due to this will be borne by the Customer.

If Taxi4You should suffer damage because the place of collection was not easily accessible, the Customer will fully indemnify Taxi4You for the damage.

If certain wishes were not specified in the order, Taxi4You has the right to refuse to carry out these additional wishes or to charge an additional fee in accordance with the current unit prices. This is the case, for example, with extra luggage, an extra passenger, etc.

The Customer is expected to contact Taxi4You as soon as possible if it appears that the driver is not present at the agreed place at the agreed time.

To ensure that the journeys run as smoothly as possible, passengers are expected to be ready at the agreed time. If this is not the case and the driver has to wait longer than 15 minutes, a waiting time will be charged according to the current unit prices. The Customer guarantees that the passengers comply with this and will indemnify Taxi4You if necessary.

In case of contamination of the vehicle (due to vomiting or otherwise) which requires primary cleaning of the vehicle, a compensation of EUR 250 will be requested.

3. Cancellation/Termination

Taxi4You has the right to cancel/stop the order, with immediate effect and without notice of default, nor compensation in the event of suspension of payment or (application for) bankruptcy by the Customer or in the event of liquidation or cessation of the activities of the Customer or if the Customer, despite written notice of default with a period of 7 calendar days being observed, fails to fulfill the obligation. Taxi4You also has the right to cancel the order in case of force majeure.

The Customer can also cancel the order subject to payment of a compensation equal to the costs that Taxi4You has already incurred, with a minimum of 40% of the amount that had to be paid initially.

Taxi4You may, without any compensation for the Customer/passengers, cancel the ride in whole or in part if force majeure situations and/or extraordinary circumstances occur before or during the performance of the ride, being circumstances that Taxi4You did not know or could not have known at the confirmation of the trip and which, if Taxi4You had known, would have been a valid reason not to run the ride. Extraordinary circumstances include transport of illegal persons or goods, unforeseeable route changes, etc.

If no cancellation has been given, 12 hours before the start, or a no-show, the full amount will be charged.

This article and its provisions apply subject to any conflicting statutory mandatory provision.

4. Execution

Taxi4You strives to pick up the passengers at the pre-announced time, if a time has been communicated. However, this depends on external factors such as, but not limited to, extreme weather, snow, black ice, traffic jams, traffic accidents, etc.

Taxi4You will use its best efforts to transport the passenger to the specified address within the shortest possible time. The latter concerns an obligation of means.

In the context of road safety, Taxi4You may in exceptional circumstances opt not to execute the command.

Taxi4You always has the right to refuse a passenger, whether or not in advance, if this would jeopardize road safety and/or if the passenger is in a condition that could get in the way of an orderly ride.

Taxi4You cannot be held liable for compensation for any damage resulting from lateness due to external factors such as extreme weather, snow, black ice, traffic jams, traffic accidents.

If the Customer fails to pay for an order, Taxi4You shall be entitled to suspend all of its performance for that Customer until that order has been paid in full.

The Consumer also has the possibility to suspend his performance if Taxi4You fails to fulfill its obligations.

5. Liability Taxi4You

The liability of Taxi4You cannot give rise to any compensation, except in the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of Taxi4You or its agents.

With regard to passengers who are not Customers, Taxi4You cannot be directly addressed by them, except for any mandatory legal provision.

The liability of Taxi4You is always limited to a maximum of the value stated on the order with a maximum of € 1,000.00. Taxi4You can never be held liable for indirect damage, such as but not limited to, lost income, profits, loss of a customer, or any consequential damage.

Taxi4You is not liable if the passenger does not present himself to the driver of Taxi4You at the designated time and/or at the communicated pick-up address. . Any delay or resulting cancellation will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

6. Force majeure

In the event of force majeure, each party is released and is not obliged to fulfill any obligation towards the other party. Force majeure is understood to mean the situation in which the performance of the agreement by one of the parties is wholly or partially prevented, temporarily or otherwise, by circumstances beyond the control of that party. Without wishing to be exhaustive, the following are considered as force majeure: technical malfunctions of the means of transport that are not due to any fault or negligence of Taxi4You, theft of the means of transport, extreme weather conditions that affect do to road safety, strikes, pandemic, etc.

7. Passenger behaviour

Every passenger must observe the traffic rules. This also implies that animals, with the exception of guide dogs, must be able to be transported safely by means of a crate and/or animal bag.

Every passenger must refrain from damaging and polluting the car, excessive use of alcohol, transporting and/or using illegal drugs, smoking, preventing the driver from performing his duties, etc.

In the event of any infringement of this article, Taxi4You is entitled to compensation for damages estimated at a fixed amount of 50% of the price of the order with a minimum of € 150.00 without prejudice to the right of Taxi4You to claim a higher compensation if the actual damage would be greater.

The Customer undertakes to pay this compensation, as well as to indemnify Taxi4You against any fines imposed on it.

It is expected that the Customer informs the passengers of the terms and conditions of Taxi4You, including, of course, the specific rules with regard to the passengers, which are quite self-explanatory.

8. Payment

Consumers must always pay for the order in cash or by payment card, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. Unless otherwise agreed, the Consumer must make the payment before the ride or immediately after the ride has been made.

Companies can opt to pay for the order as is the case with Consumers, but also have the option to pay for the journey by bank transfer after they have received an invoice, unless otherwise agreed.

If applicable, invoices are payable at the latest on the due date to the address of Taxi4You, unless agreed otherwise. If an invoice is not paid on time, an administrative cost of 10% is due by operation of law and without any notice of default, as well as a fixed compensation of 15% with a minimum of € 125.00. This clause in no way excludes additional damages. Late payments will be charged first against the increments and then against the principal.

Protest against an invoice must be made within 8 days of receipt by registered letter to the address of the registered office of Taxi4You.

Taxi4You indicates the criminal penalties that can result from a default in payment. If necessary, Taxi4You reserves the right to submit a complaint to the competent services.

9. Complaints

Complaints about the service of Taxi4You or about the behavior of a driver of Taxi4You can always be addressed to via the email address

10. Disputes

The invalidity of a (part of a) provision does not affect the validity of the other (parts of the) provisions.

The courts of the district where the registered office of Taxi4You is located have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute, subject to any mandatory legal provision.

Belgian law applies.

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